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Ghost Train.
Lake Murray Blvd
Image (C) Scott Krause

Modern Day Irmo Photos
Night Train St. Andrews Rd.
Image (C) Scott Krause

Video (C) Scott Krause

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Train Wreck at the Riverbank Zoo
Terrain washed out which caused this accident. (3mile Post)
The End Of The Line.
Train Wreck at the Riverbank Zoo
Terrain washed out which caused this accident. (3mile Post)

1936 Irmo High School Football Team. Irmo Class Late 1920's. Irmo High School bus drivers
Ernest Younginer and Johnnie Lorick. 1935
The Gus Mathias House, later moved and restored for the present Irmo Town Hall. The Gus Mathias House Present
Irmo Town Hall.
Town Store - Before Block Busters.

Irmo Train Wreck Casualty.
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Modern Day Shot in 2004 Irmo Post Office - 1914-1956.
Lake Murray Dam Construction. 1930.
Lake Murray Land Clearing. Last bucket of fill dirt for the Lake Murray Dam from borrow hill.
June 6, 1930
Lake Murray Dam Construction. All Aboard.  Passenger Tickets. Bethel High Hill Church.
Now at the bottom of Lake Murray.
Lake Murray Graves. The People Buried Under Lake Murray. People in Graves under Lake Murray
One of the Lorick homes. Before Dutch Fork Elementary. The Irmo Okra Strut 1986.
Maggie & William Lorick.
William was 15 years old when
 Sherman's Troops invaded his home.
The Lorick House Built in 1840
Read about the history of the house.
Carriage Racing at the Lorick Plantation.
Luther Mathias - Irmo's First Mayor The Mathias Family.

Samuel Goven & Elizabeth Meetze Lowman photo taken around 1900.  They were married in 1860. He was in the Civil War under the command of Robert E. Lee.  After the war he walked home to Irmo.

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